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Ptosis of the upper eyelid is a condition in which the upper eyelid margin is in an abnormal inferiorly displacement position.
It may cover a significant portion of the cornea, so as to cause visual impairment (amblyopia).
Ptosis may involve one or two eyes and ranges from mild to severe. 
In case of mile ptosis the eye has an undesirable appearance but is functionally normal.
In severe ptosis the drooping upper lid covers the pupil an visual axis of the eye, so the patient most lift his or her chin to see properly.
There are two type ptosis, congenital and acquire ptosis.
Congenital ptosis is present at birth and result from poorly development of the levator polpebrae  superioris muscle, which lift the eye lid.
A child may have ptosis alone or may have other associated eye abnormalities such as eye movement disorder, refractive disorder and neurological disorders.
Acquire ptosis may accurate any time after birth, but is more common in old age.
The etiology of this form of ptosis normally ascribe to the weakening of the levator aponeurosis due to such factor as old age, injury surgery muscle disease and neurological disease.
Ptosis result in an undesirable facial appearance. Normal vision is affected is severe cases, thus hindering daily activity of the person .
Treatment is necessary even in cases of mile ptosis in order that the patient has the opportunity to life as a normal person.
A child suffering from Ptosis has a psychological  handicap when compare to other normal children.
Hence sever cases should be treated as early as possible, otherwise ptosis may lead to abnormal head position or decreased vision.
Treatment provide a desirable facial appearance as well as normal vision.
Risk Of surgery
Generally the surgery is safe. Howevere, complication such as infection, bleeding, radios vision, radios eye movement and corneal ulcer may occur.
The aim of the surgery is to have equal lid height in both the eyes. Undercorrection or overcorrection may occur but either mistake can be rectified.

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